The Kingdom of Baselland is a small country ruled by the royal family of Winklefeldts, neighboring the much larger kingdom of Weißen. While the two kingdoms share similar languages and cultures, they are very different in terms of military powers, technology, economy and political standings in the area. While Weißen is feared, hated but at the same time respected for its rapid growth and powerful army, Baselland is rarely looked at by other countries, which is the only reason why this country still remains peaceful.

Baselland has outdated technology and beliefs, which reflects strongly on its Royal Military Academy. The academy itself belongs to the royal family, namely the First Prince, and its instructors include the Second Prince of the royal family. All training drills, classes, practice equipment revolve around antiquated war ideals. They also place stronger emphasis on the Cavalry Division, and not only do they forbid the Artillery Division from having shooting practice, they also train the Infantry Division in an old-fashioned way, in which soldiers line up to form an "Infantry Line" and must shoot, reload, march accordingly to their commander's orders. They also allow corporal punishment, which is considered outdated by Weißen.

Baselland's economy is rather weak and dependent of Weißen, with a large portion of Weißen's imports taking over internally produced goods in the market. Recently, a campaign was started by local producers, calling for citizens to buy more goods that are made in Baselland rather than those made in Weißen, even going as far as physically damaging stores that still sell Weißen's products.

The royal family and the politics of Baselland also pose many problems. The royal family of Winklefeldts is a powerful family dating back to 800 years prior to the story's timeline, and despite the fact that they rule a small kingdom, they are said to be more fitting to the throne than the royal family of Weißen. Although the Winklefeldts do not outright oppose Weißen, they may raise troubles for negotiations between two countries by ignoring diplomats from Weißen. Apparently, many nobles in Baselland as well as the Crown Prince are adamantly against Weißen, saying that the latter is a barbaric country. The Crown Prince of Baselland, Franz Theodore Winklefeldt, is a strange man whose hobby is cosplay, and while he claims to care for his father and the fate of his kingdom, he appears to have no absolute personal political ideals, and depends greatly on the Empress of Republic of Ezreich, his great aunt.

In short, the kingdom of Baselland leaves many openings and is considered easy to be suppressed, although due to the fact that there is not much merits in doing so, the large countries nearby never wage a war against Baselland. In a near future, however, Baselland may be involved in many conflicts, mainly the conflict between Ezreich and Weißen, or between Holbaek and Weißen.