Baselland Royal Military Academy is a school for boys from 16 to 18 years old. Its objective is to train them into soldiers who will then serve Baselland Armed Forces.

The students are divided into three division: Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry.

Infantry Division Edit

Infantry Division is for students who want to become foot soldiers, the main fighting force of Baselland. Students in this division are trained in marching and shooting, and have the strictest and hardest module among all three divisions. The division is given quite a lot interest, as the Second Prince of Baselland, Ryner August Winklefeldt, personally takes part in the instructing. The following are the known students of Infantry Division:

Artillery Division Edit

Artillery Division is for students who wish to become involved with canons. The division isn't particularly popular or unpopular. Despite the fact that Artillery students require much practice to be able to handle canons efficiently, due to public unrest, the division is banned from having shooting practice under any kind. Therefore, students in Artillery Division spend most of their time studying raw theories in classrooms. Their lack of actual experience is somehow implemented by their knowledge. The following are the known students of Artillery Division:

Cavalry Division Edit

Cavalry Division is for students in training to become soldiers fighting on horseback, similar to a knight. Therefore, this division enjoys great popularity, being admired by citizens as well as being privileged by the school. Students in this division are all from noble families, thus they are influence by old-fashioned notions, looking down on other divisions and being focused on keeping the pride of the cavalry and of themselves. Consequently, some students from other divisions dislike students from Cavalry Division. The following are the known students of Cavalry Division:

Management Edit

Baselland Royal Military Academy is directly under the control of the Baselland Royal Family, namely the First Prince. However, the First Prince himself isn't interested in the academy and the military in general, so the Second Prince is the one who makes important decisions regarding the academy and its students.

Faculty Edit

The academy employs mostly officials currently serving in the Baselland Armed Forces as "instructors", who are responsible for giving lectures, instructing practices, disciplining students, etc. Bernd Baltzar is by far the only instructor who comes from outside of Baselland. The following are the only known members of faculty in Baselland Royal Military Academy: