Bernd Balzer
Balzer 200 4908
Bernd Baltzar
Vital statistics
Position Major/ Instructor/ Military Advisor/ Commander of the Baltzar Agency
Age 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Bernd Baltzar, or Bernd Balzer, is the protagonist of the manga Gunka no Baltzar. He is a major in Weiβen Armed Forces and is currently dispatched to Baselland as a military advisor and an instructor in Baselland Royal Military Academy.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Baltzar's family. Like his students, he attended the Military Academy as a teenager, and later came to the Military University, where he met and befriended Rudolph von Liebknecht. Baltzar considered Liebknecht a close friend of his, and respected the latter for his competence. However, Baltzar disagreed with Liebknecht's plan for a coup d'e tat, and reported the revolt of his friend to the authorities, receiving protection from the government. He was also allowed to lead the suppression of the rebels, although he couldn't foresee the mass suicide of his old friends and colleagues. A few days after the suppression, he received a letter from Liebknecht, asking him to come to "the Observatory". There, Liebknecht revealed his true plan: he told Baltzar about the rebellion so that the latter could stop it, as Liebknecht never expected the coup d'e tat to be successful. He also knew that the rebels would take their own lives, as model nationalists, and supplied information to 35 newspaper agencies, spreading news about a tragedy of young and hopeful commissioned officers who cared deeply about their nation, so that the public would pressure the National Assembly to free the Weiβen Armed Forces from their control. Enraged about being used, Baltzar took out his gun and threatened Liebknecht, but Liebknecht jumped off before he could make a move. The two never met again.

Appearance Edit

He appears as a young officer with dark blonde hair and green eyes, and is considered as quite handsome. Most of the time he is seen wearing Weiβen's military uniform, but when he is off-duty, he wears the standard outfit of men in the 19th century. As a commissioned officer, he always looks neat and tidy, and is rarely seen dressed improperly.

Personality Edit

Baltzar is extremely cunning and scheming, and more often than not his slyness shows on his face. He is willing to use any method in order to achieve his goals, thus he often comes across as evil to those who aren't close to him. He is also a good actor, being able to fake any facial expression to his benefits. However, he is also loyal to his country, and he never does anything that may do harm to Weiβen.

Another notable trait of him is his ability to separate his emotions from his actions. He rarely let his feelings interfere with his logic, which makes him "an exemplary success" of Weiβen's military training, according to his superior. This ability also allow him to calmly judge his situation and make a decision under any kind of circumstances.

As a young student, Baltzar was shown to be arrogant and rowdy, and was a regular in the detention room.

Skills Edit

From time to time, Baltzar has demonstrated that he is not only an efficient tactician and politician, but also a good soldier, with various skills:

  • Shooting: Baltzar's marksmanship is above average, capable of hitting a target approximately 400m away.
  • Combat fighting: Baltzar has shown to be very good at combat, able to take on several opponents at the same time unscathed.
  • Mathematical skills: On several occasions, Baltzar demonstrates that he is capable of calculating fast and precisely without any help from machines. He is also good at estimating distances and angles.
  • Eloquence: Most of times, Baltzar can easily influence other people with his words. Sometimes, he manipulate people into doing what he wants, but more often is to persuade them into cooperating with him or to follow his plans. While not as good as Liekbnecht, Baltzar succeeds more than the times he fails.
  • Logic: This is Baltzar's most valuable asset, allowing him to escape many dangerous situations, as well as assisting him in his rapid rise in ranks. He is quick to come up with a solution by analyzing everything around him. This skill is enhanced even further by his ability to separate his emotions from his actions.
  • Acting: Although not very often demonstrated, this skill has helped Baltzar a few times, namely when he has to disperse the protesters at the academy's school-gate.
  • Sword fighting: Baltzar appears to be somewhat skilled in swordsmanship, having used the sword efficiently on the battlefield.

Relationship Edit

Rudolph von Liebknecht Edit

Liebknecht was Baltzar's close friend during his school days. They were often seen together, and they would often gamble on chess against each other, though it's unknown who was the better player. Their friendship was strained when Liebknecht plotted a coup d'e tat in order to free the military from the National Assembly's control. They reunited when Liebknecht came to get Baltzar out of prison in Baselland, as a result of a set-up. Though Liebknecht still considers Baltzar his friend, the latter refuses to stand by his side, and their relationship remains tensed.

Dieter Strunz Edit

Dieter is a 2nd year in Artillery Division, in Baselland Royal Military Academy, where Baltzar is serving as an instructor. After having his first shooting practice thanks to Baltzar, he became fond of the new instructor and often follows him around, asking for advice.

Helmut Markus von Babbel Edit

Helmut is a 3rd year in Cavalry Division, in Baselland Royal Military Academy, where Baltzar is serving as an instructor. While her first impression of Baltzar wasn't good, she was quickly win over when he helped her with her honor complex. Like Dieter, she places great trust in Baltzar.

Jurgen von Breitner Edit

Jurgen is in the same year and division as Helmut, and is also her roommate in the dorm. Jurgen and Baltzar shares a normal instructor-student relationship, although Jurgen also seems to respect and trust Baltzar.

Thomas Rinke Edit

Thomas is a 1st year in Infantry Division, in Baselland Royal Military Academy. Like Jurgen, he doesn't have any specific encounter with Baltzar, but seeing Baltzar saving his friend from being tortured by the instructors, he has come to trust him.

Marcel Jansen Edit

Marcel is in the same year and division as Thomas, and is also the latter's best friend. While he was being tortured by his instructors, Baltzar, recognizing his amazing accuracy, interfered and saved him, even suggested him to be a model for other students. Although Marcel was suspicious of Baltzar at first, he later places his faith in Baltzar and follows him.

Paul Breitner Edit

(As far as the story progresses, he isn't related to Jurgen)

Paul is in the same year and division as Dieter, and a close friend of the latter. His relationship with Baltzar is the same as Jurgen's and Thomas', however, after Baltzar stopped him from an attempt to escape enlistment that could have cost him his life, Paul has become to trust him more.

Yuri Heesen Edit

Yuri is a 3rd year in Weiβen Military Academy. He, together with Dimo, was assigned to spy on Baltzar by the Chief of Staff of Weiβen Armed Forces. His older brother was one of Baltzar's old friends who died in the coup d'e tat, and thus he is skeptical of Baltzar's credibility. Baltzar, however, isn't aware of this.

Dimo Baumann Edit

Dimo is in the same year and school as Yuri, possibly Yuri's close friend, as he knows about the latter's brother. He is also tasked with the mission to spy on Baltzar by the Chief of Staff of Weiβen Armed Forces. It is unknown how he personally views Baltzar.

Ryner August Winklefeldt Edit

Prince August and Baltzar didn't have a good impression of each other, with the latter critizing the former for his methods in instructing. However, Baltzar soon proved his abilities a soldier to Prince August, and their relationship has been improved a bit, although Prince August is still wary of Baltzar.

Trivia Edit

  • His name, Bernd, is a contracted form of Low German "Berend", which means "bold as a bear".
  • HIs last name, Baltzar or Balser, is a shortened form of the given name "Balthazar". In Christian belief, Balthazar is the name of one of three wisemen who attended the birth of Christ. However, Baltzar may also come from "Baal tas-assar", meaning "preserver of life", or "Baal shar-uzzur", meaning "protector of the king".

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