Franz Theodore Winklefeldt
Franz Theodore Winklefeldt
Vital statistics
Position Crown Prince
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Franz Theodore Winklefeldt is the Crown Prince of Baselland, as well as Prince August's older brother.

Background Edit

He is the first son of the King of Baselland.

Appearance Edit

He has long, blonde hair and has a tendency to wear flashy and extravagant clothes. Most of the times he appears as a proud, arrogant crown prince who can only rely on his great aunt, the Empress of Ezreich, but this is only a mask for his more modest and insecure self.

Personality Edit

On the outside, Crown Prince Franz is prideful of his royal lineage and is flippant, more interested in his hobby of cosplay than in trying to improve his kingdom. He likes dressing up his servants and guards in ancient clothes. However, in a way, he does care about his country, as he didn't want Baselland to become a hated country like Weißen, which is the reason why he relies more on Ezreich. In the latest chapters, Crown Prince Franz is actually quite insecure and isn't fluent in his speeches, probably a habit he tries to hide in front of the crowd.

It has been confirmed that Crown Prince Theodore suffered from personality disorder.

Skills Edit

He hasn't shown any skills.

Relationship Edit

Ryner August Winklefeldt Edit

Prince August is Crown Prince Franz's younger brother. The two used to have a good relationship in the past, both caring for each other. However, as they grew up and their interests differ, they became more distant to each other, on opposite sides even. Crown Prince Franz, though, shows that he does want to make up with his brother.

Maria Ludovica von Adorafestung Edit

Empress Maria is the Crown Prince's great aunt. In front of others he appears to be on good terms with her, often letting her help him make important decisions regarding his kingdom. However, he is in fact scared of her, admitting that he is merely an actor in her plays.