Hauptman Nielson
Hauptman Nielson
Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hauptman Nielson is a captain of the Holbaek Army.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about NIelson's background.

Appearance Edit

Nielson has long, black hair and has a very muscular body.

Personality Edit

He is a true warmonger with a violent nature, always seeking a battle and use violence to obtain whatever he wants. He doesn't hesitate to kill. as shown when he killed all wounded Weißen soldiers who surrendered and attacked the houses of citizens to plunder for supplies. What makes him scary, however, is the fact that he has both brain and brawn. His strategical talent almost rivals that of Baltzar, and although Baltzar defeated Nielson, the latter is promised to be an enemy not to be triffled with.

As stated by Liebknecht, the Holbaek Army treasures pride. Nielson is the same. He takes great pride in being part of the cavalry, as well as pride in his country's strength.

Skills Edit

Nielson is an excellent member of the Holbaek's cavalry, possessing and mastering various skills:

  • Equestrian: His skills in horse-riding is apparently the best in his battalion.
  • Spear: Unlike the cavalries of Weißen and Baselland, which both use sword, Nielson and the rest of Holbaek's cavalry use spears, which have a longer reach than swords. Nielson is a master of spears, using them efficiently in battles.
  • Logic: As well as being strong, Nielson is also an intelligent soldier, able to make good judgements and strategies.

Relationship Edit

He currently has no notable relationship.