Holst von Stauffenberg
Holst von Stauffenberg
Holst von Stauffenberg
Vital statistics
Position Chief of Staff of Weißen Armed Forces
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Holst von Stauffenberg is the Chief of Staff of Weißen Armed Forces. He holds the most power in Weißen's military, making all important decisions regarding the country's forces.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Stauffenberg's family and background. The "von" in his name, however, suggests that he is a noble.

Appearance Edit

He has dark brown hair and beard of the same color. His uniform is the most extravagant among all known officers of Weißen Armed Forces, indicating his position.

Personality Edit

Being in the highest position of Weißen Armed Forces, Stauffenberg is decisive, calculating and quick-witted, able to give directions to react to unexpected situations very fast. He is also very ambitious, and is aiming to fully grasp all the power in Weißen, surpassing both the Kaiser and the Parliament.

Skills Edit

Stauffenberg has yet to show many skills. However, he is competent enough to become the Chief of Staff.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Baltzar is an officer under the command of Stauffenberg. While Stauffenberg holds Baltzar in high esteem, he is also wary of Baltzar due to the latter's wits and quick rise in ranks.

Rudolph von Liebknecht Edit

Although Liebknecht and Stauffenberg are technically enemies, they are quite closely connected. Liebknecht's father and Stauffenberg were schoolmates in the Military University as well as close friends, just like Baltzar and Liebknecht.

Trivia Edit

  • He has the same last name with Claus von Stauffenberg, a colonel in German Nazi, who is considered a hero for carrying out the 20th July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Though he failed, his operation was the closest to killing Hitler of all other assassination attempts.
  • His name, Holst or Horst, is from Low German, possibly meaning "wooded hill".