Marcel Jansen
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Marcel Jansen
Vital statistics
Position Officer Cadet
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Marcel Jansen is a 1st year in Infantry Division, Baselland Royal Military Academy.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about Marcel's family and background.

Appearance Edit

Marcel has short, unruly black hair. His face is full of scars and bruises that he got from the corporal punishment of his instructors.

Personality Edit

Marcel is outspoken, skeptical and rebellious. He always stands up for his friends, and has a strong sense of responsibility, not wanting anyone to take the fall for him. He also has an appetite for knowledge, and although he disapproves of the way he and the others in Infantry Division are treated, he is still a hardworking student.

Skills Edit

As a student in Infantry Division, Marcel has the same skills as most soldiers:

  • Shooting: Marcel's marksmanship is excellent, being able to hit the innermost circle of the target even with the unstable musket.

Relationship Edit

Bernd Baltzar Edit

Marcel looks up to Baltzar and considers him the role model to follow. Baltzar, though, considers his rebellious attitude dangerous, and is careful in the way he talks to this student.

Thomas Rinke Edit

Marcel and Thomas are close friends, with the former constantly supporting the latter. Marcel usually purposely screws up whenever Thomas is about to be reprimanded, so that the instructors turn their attention to him and forget about Thomas.

Trivia Edit

  • His name Marcel is derived from Marcus, meaning "dedicated to Mars" (the Roman God of wars).
  • His last name Jansen means "son of Jan", while Jan is a common derivative of Johannes.
  • There is a retired German football player named Marcel Jansen.